Red Folding Utility Wagon with Handle Review

Folding Wagon

The utility wagon from On The Edge is your good companion when you have to take your kids along for strolls in the park or when you are travelling out. Your kid can be securely seated in the wagon and you can pull it by the chord taking along the kid wherever you go. Weighing just 27lbs, you can easily fold it up to 1/10th of its measurable dimensions, thus allowing you to carry in your trunk while you are out on vacations too. If your kids prefer to walk around instead for some time, you can use the wagon for utility purposes like carrying your grocery bags.

When heading out for a stroll in the park during evenings, you can comfortably seat your kids and other essentials and keep your hands free to tug at the wagon.


1. Sturdy Base

The sturdy metal frame is made of stain resistant material and lasts long ensuring durability. The fabric thus does not get saggy and the kid can be comfortably seated. If you want more cushioning you can probably add a sheet of baby cushioning pads. The wheels made of rubber turn around easily and you can maneuver the wagon all around the city.

2. Compact and Portable

The wagon can be collapsed for easy storage. It becomes so small that it can actually fit in your trunk, making it ideal to be carried along during camping trips. They do not occupy much space at homes too, the Velcro straps hold them up and they can be tilted and leaned against the wall for compact storage.

3. Weight Holding Capacity

The handle can withstand weight up to 120 pounds and along with your kid; you can also put in your shopping items into the wagon and get back home conveniently. It also has cup holders and mesh bags that can fit in your kid’s needs when you are out of home.

4. Multiple Uses

While the wagon is primarily designed to walk your kids around town, you can as well put the wagon to a variety of uses. After dropping off your kid at his playschool, you can go in for some shopping and load your groceries in the wagon.

5. Long Handle

The little wagon is equipped with a long handle so that very tall mothers or fathers do not have to stoop or slouch to haul up the wagon. The handle has a firm grip and can be rolled up to the frame, when the wagon is not being used.

6. Sun Shade

The wagon has an easily stretchable canopy that can be easily pulled over to protect your kid from the harmful rays of the sun. If you are worried about taking your kid out on sunny afternoons, you can just pull up the canopy which holds in place with the help of tilting poles and Velcro. Your kid can now enjoy his outing without being affected by the sun.

To conclude, this folding wagon is of great utility and offers convenience in terms of taking your kid out comfortably and without much strain on you too.

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