Plasma TV and LCD TV Screen Lifespan

Plasma TV

Most people believe, and most salespeople will tell you, that LCD TVs last longer than plasma TVs, or rather their screens last longer. While this is generally true, it’s not as true as it used to be, and both plasma TVs and LCD TVs suffer over time–they have a finite lifespan.

What is The Expected Lifespan of an LCD TV?

LCDs last around 60,000 hours of viewing (2,500 days, or nearly 7 years).

Manufacturers make various claims, most requiring meeting exact conditions not found in real life to duplicate a longer lifespan. But toward the end of that time, the lights in the LCD will dim, so the picture will dim, and the difference will be clearly visible relative to a new LCD TV.

The general rule is that the cheaper the LCD TV, the less long the lights will last, and the quicker they will begin to dim. “Name brand” displays, on average, will cost more and last longer.

One way of extending the lifespan of an LCD TV is to make sure the contrast level, typically adjustable on each TV, is not too high. It’s possible to keep the contrast lower than possible if the TV itself is not in a bright area, so always try to do your viewing in a dimmer room.

What is The Expected Lifespan of a Plasma TV?

Early plasma TVs were short lived; they quickly lost brightness and became unacceptably dim. Modern plasma TVs, particularly the more expensive, “name brand” ones last nearly as long as LCD TVs. More specifically, while the mechanisms are different, their lighting burns out in a comparable time frame. In other words, modern high quality plasma TVs will last around 60,000 hours of viewing (2,500 days, or nearly 7 years). Since the technology that extends life is new, some of this is conjecture, and some is based on manufacturers’ statements, which may be little better than conjecture.

As with LCD TVs, the life of a plasma TV can be extended by making sure that contrast is adjusted to as low a level as possible. You should never leave still images on the plasma TV, which can cause burn in, although burn in on plasma TVs is less of a problem than it once was. Whichever you get, make sure to avail yourself the best iptv UK. Through iptv subscription, you can enjoy your favorite content on your favorite screen with no issue of content quality.

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