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A souvenir or takeaway is a great way to promote something, whether it’s a special event, an achievement, a sports team, an organization or even a company. If attendees wear the souvenir, it helps to generate awareness on an ongoing basis. Unfortunately, many people focus on things like T-shirts when they’re brainstorming ideas when they could be considering lapel pins, promotional or commemorative items that are more colorful, often less expensive and with lasting appeal.

Custom lapel pins can be a very striking takeaway from an event. T-shirts, bumper stickers and pens tend to have a cheap appearance and many people grab them up only to toss them in the garbage. Commemorative T-shirts have a habit of being worn once, then used to polish the car. An enamel lapel pin has a much more substantive appearance and, even though one might cost you as little as 56 cents each (in quantity), lapel pins look like they’re valuable. A company like can make ordering a batch of custom lapel pins as easy as defining how many pins you want, deciding when you need them and uploading your artwork. If you don’t have artwork prepared, Pin Pros can even take care of the creative aspect for you.

There’s a sizable community of lapel pin collectors out there. If you’ve ever been to a big public event like the Olympics or a Boy Scout Jamboree, you know that a well-made lapel pin can look like new for decades. It’s that combination of longevity, interest in design and the fact that the pins were issued to recognize something important that makes them a magnet for collectors. At the Salt Lake City Olympics, a green Jell-O pin that made an appearance in Time magazine ended being sold by collectors for over $150. How often have you heard about people clamoring over a pen printed with a logo? If you want to get kids excited about something -a school accomplishment, athletic event or family gathering- it’s tough to beat the reaction you’ll get from distributing custom lapel pins. They can be big (up to 4” for diecast versions), they can be colorful with a glossy finish and a substantive feel. If you’re the organizer of an event, it’s also a lot easier to pack a small box with hundreds of giveaway pins than it is to lug carton after carton of T-shirts or baseball caps.

Pin Pros offers a wide range of pins with a huge variety of color, finish size and metal options. Delivery is fast, usually resulting with an order being delivered with 16 business days. Other companies that source their pins in China and rely on shipping by sea may require weeks for an order to be delivered. While not all Pin Pros custom lapel pins are made in the US (they do work with a Chinese factory but expedite all shipments), the diecast pins are manufactured in Oklahoma.

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