How To Safely Pack a Flat Panel TV for Moving


Flat panel TV sets are usually made with LCD screens or plasma screens. Whatever type of flat panel TV you have, these appliances are very expensive and are investments that you need to protect. When moving the TV to another house or simply to another part of the house, you need to be extra careful to ensure that the TV is not damaged. The flat panel TV is very sensitive and can be damaged when too much pressure has been applied on the screen. Even getting it stored in a safe place is tough and risky. However, you can still find professional storage in business bay Dubai. With all of it being said, here’s how you can safely pack the TV for moving.

Original TV Box

When you first buy the flat panel TV, make sure that you remove it from the original packing box carefully, so that the box itself is not damaged. Some people pry the TV out from the box using a hole made from the box form a cutter. This renders the box unusable in the future when you need to move the TV. Remember that the box has all of the covers and Styrofoam or cardboard supports needed to pack the TV. Keep the little wedges that are placed on the corner and the bottom of the TV, which will keep the TV from moving inside the box.


Take the foam sheet that comes with the original TV box and use it to cover the entire TV set. Usually, the foam sheet will be long enough to allow you to wrap it around the TV set twice. This will not only keep the TV set from being scratched, but will also prevent damage from the buttons and the attachments in the TV set. Make sure that the TV is kept at an upright position while being packed, since the TV screen is usually very heavy and may crack from its own weight when placed on its side.

Screen Protection

Take the piece of cardboard that comes with the packaging and place it in front of the screen. This will provide additional support for the screen. Use painters tape to secure the cardboard in front of the screen. Painters tape will keep the cardboard in place without leaving adhesives on the surface of the TV set. If you have additional cardboard, use this to secure the sides of the TV set.

Avoiding Pressure

While packaging the TV in its original box, be sure that you have a partner to help you. Two people will be able to carry the TV set from two sides, which will relieve pressure from both sides of the TV set. Also avoid touching the television screen when handling the TV set.

TV Case

If you have already lost or discarded the original TV set box, you can purchase or rent a flat panel TV case, which most electronics shops use to move around their flat panel TVs. the advantage of using flat panel TV cases is that these have wheels and are designed to fit the TV set perfectly.

Moving an expensive, delicate, and heavy flat panel TV can be challenging. But with these in mind, you can safely move the TV set around the house or to move it to another building altogether. Packing can be a really hectic and difficult task. If you live in UAE, you can search and find several professional movers and packers in Dubai to do all the moving work for you.

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