Best Cross Training Shoes for Men


Purchasing cross-training shoes is not difficult but purchasing the best cross-training shoes for men can be a difficult task. The market is filled with brands that claim to manufacture the best cross-training shoes in the business. However, only a few manage to give your feet the comfort level that they deserve.

Cross-training shoes have a wide base which is versatile. It’s not like your normal walking or running shoes. Cross trainers can be worn anywhere, right from the gym to tennis courts and even trekking. It’s a less stressful way to enjoy multiple sports otherwise you would be buying different shoes for different sports. Previously cross-training shoes were not an ideal companion for long distances, but now they are made with a bulkier structure and also have more cushion so that your ankles and sole can get the protection they deserve.

Best Cross Training Shoes for Men: Reviews

As I’ve mentioned before, there are many companies which produce the best crossing training shoes. Let’s have a look at the brands which provide cross trainers which offer you maximum absorption, control moisture content, support while playing, are durable, and above all comfort.

New Balance 1010

The New Balance 1010 cross-training shoes are basically designed to give athletes maximum benefit during their workout programs. The New Balance 1010 is specially designed to provide athletes with a proper grip while protecting their ankles and toes. It is fitted with the ABZORB SBS heel and forefoot protection which guarantees the wearer maximum shock absorption. Its dry lining N-Lock support makes the New Balance 1010 one of the best cross-training shoes 2010.

Adidas EnduroBounce II

Whoever has some basic knowledge about sports knows that Adidas is one of the best sports apparel brands in the world. The new EnduroBounce II certainly qualifies to be the best cross-training shoes for men with its specific Bounce Technology. This amazing new technology guarantees a special cushion absorbent material for effective foot performance. It also has a breathable membrane which helps in water removal and also provides you with excessive cover. It’s designed and made with the state of the art technology which enhances your performance during cross-training workouts.

New Balance 608

Another great item from the New Balance brand. The 608 has gotten some excellent cross-training shoe reviews. It has a great sporty design and a soft cushioned collar which is designed for your comfort. The sole has treads for excellent grip on a working platform. The New Balance 608 also features the ABZORB SBS heel for better shock absorption. They also score high points for being the most durable.

K-Swiss ST329

The K-Swiss ST329 is one of the best cross-training sneakers for men. It’s not only great for cross-training exercises but also for everyday wear. The shoe has been designed to include a compression-molded EVA midsole. The company guarantees a great spring cushion which is ideal for better shock absorption. It has a durable rubber sole and a wide heel.

Brooks Beast

It’s the best brand to provide you with ultimate control when you are performing cross-training. Its specially designed for runners and you get the comfort of synthetic leather, nubuck upper lining, and lightweight breathing material that helps in moisture control. The Brooks Beast also provides an internal comfort factor which makes it one of the best cross-training shoes for men.

Hope you’ve selected your favorite brand of best cross-training shoes for men. Having a pair of cross-trainers is a great option for people who regularly indulge in cross-training. It’s a safe option for your feet and ankles, as it provides maximum protection against various jolts and shocks which are common in any sport.

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